Volcano Choir | Comrade

If you like Bon Iver then it’s likely you’ll enjoy Volcano Choir.  It’s one of those groups that got a bunch of people from this band and a few from that and put out one album and then another while said members disbanded in between and did their own thing.

This one is more electric than Bon Iver’s tracks but, maintains a lot of the Bon Iver qualities that Justin Vernon has become famous for.  As gleaned from my Shazam,  Comrade.

Doc Bloc | The Imposter

The Imposter is a chilling documentary about a missing child, a family’s loss and a cunning trickster.  It is shot as most documentaries are:  Interviews with family members, law enforcement and government agencies with an added twist of re-enactments.

The film details the disappearance of a San Antonio, TX boy who disappears in 1994 and reappears in 1997.  This hopeful reunion is not what is appears to be and the film shines a bright light on the difference between truth and wanting something to be true.  It also makes you question what information you should volunteer in your daily life and how much should we assume or infer in our relationships.

The Imposter is a very intense film.  If you are game for intense and suspense you may want to look it’s way.



Song | Change the Sheets

Back in the early 00’s when Napster, Limewire and Kazaa were running strong I remember tracing some Ryan Adams news back to Kathleen Edwards….It  might have been Gillian Welch as well but, Edwards came to mind.  So I downloaded some of her songs and they promptly did not take.  I remember “Injustica” standing out as one that did not resonate.  Years later she would leap to prominence with the single “I Make the Dough, You Get The Glory”.  The video which depicts her peril in swaying.  This…this is something she should never, ever do.  Enjoy..

Fun Fact:  She got divorced and went out with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon for a spell.

Song | Psyence Fiction

Kurt Loder of all people heralded an album by DJ Shadow and James LaVelle.  The duo went under the name Unkle and released their semi-concept album Psyence Fiction back in  1998.

The release was decorated with guest appearances by Beastie Boys’ Mike D, Richard Ashcroft and Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

I especially liked this track because Francis Ford Coppola’s sound byte on the making of Apocalypse Now is included.  A tasty treat.

Enjoy Psyence Fiction.


Ideas | Tattoo New You


Ages ago I watched the movie What the Bleep Do We Know  it is a fascinating semi-drama, mostly documentary about how we might apply quantum physics to our lives.  One of the piece that stood out to me was about the power of words.

They placed words and phrases on jars of water in a public area.  Phrases like “I love you” or “I will make you sick” were a couple that stood out to me.  What they found is that the water’s molecules changed shape based upon the words taped to the jar.  These words attracted a certain energy from passers-by who held a though in their mind about what they read.  The energy generated by that thought was transferred to the jars, changing the molecules.  That’s some big picture stuff.

Which brings me to tattoos.  I am not a tattoo guy.  In the words of Martin Blank.  “I’ve always seen myself as very temporary” so tats were out of the picture.  Even though many friends love them and speak glowingly of their experiences.  Temporary ones are another story.  I had a sweet dragon once and an anchor.

On Facebook I ran across an old friend’s post.  She was wearing tattoos of many inspirational phrases.  They were temporary ones and lasted for about three weeks each.  I thought this was a brilliant idea and was seeking one that said “Balance”.  I’ve read Gary Null’s works and this simple concept seems to have a lot to do with a happy life.

Here’s an exercise for you:   Go to Conscious Ink and find a tattoo that you like.  Place it in a spot that you will be able to see it a few times a day and see if your attitude changes, if your more positive, present and conscious.

Song | Kill of the Night

Always on the look out for something new and interesting. I happened upon Gin Wigmore via NPR.  Gin is a Kiwi song writter, who is very inspired by David Grey.  She’s soulful, catchy, a little dark. Her vocals remind me of an edgier version of old school rock steady stylings of Phyllis Dillon. I like it.

Song | Johnny Appleseed

There is a tale of Joe Strummer auditioning players for one of his first bands back in the 70’s.  He called himself “Woody” at the time and auditioned and rejected scores of potential bandmates prior to getting the line-up he sought. Continue reading